Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dälek - Abandoned Language

Abandoned Language

As the year '07 rolls along, few things look like they're going to be able to top this gem. Combining hip-hop with hints of industrial and a near-obsessive interest in the sound manipulation and layering techniques of ambient/soundscape legend Thomas Köner, Dälek is an extremely intelligent look at human culture and its language.

AMG's Marisha Brown:

The songs on the album have much more time and space dedicated to instrumental wanderings than to words — "Lynch," in fact, has no lyrics at all — as if he and co-producer Oktopus realize that there are things that just can't be said, that are better conveyed through notes and chords, that sometimes "tongues stick" and stories are "scripted" and "the words we speak are mad tarnished," that mortality and flawed humanity get in the way of pure communication.

Brilliant. We'll be revisiting this later this month as we look at the top releases of the first six months of the year.

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