Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Life in Your Way - The Sun Rises and Sets, And Still Our Time is Endless (By Request)

The Sun Rises...
Even though I’ve become such a jaded bastard thanks to my early habit of simply over-consumming when it came to music (I devoured everything, and now these tired ears are paying the price), I’m still happily pulled in by the magic of the debut. There’s nothing quite like a hungry band desperately looking to make a mark, a desire to leave it all behind in the studio. Because, who knows when that next chance will come? This is often why debuts are head and shoulders about the rest of a band’s discography, as they can never reclaim that nervous energy, that urge to pull out all the stops.

Life in Your Way fits in perfectly with that model. Later entries would become more polished, but they just don’t have the drive nor the heart of their debut, the clumsily titled The Sun Rises And Sets, And Still Our Time Is Endless. Sure, it’s standard melodic metalcore, a band that wears their Shai Hulud and 7 Angels 7 Plagues influences proudly. They end up somewhere close to contemporaries like Jairus, just with a greater interest in the typical hardcore makeup (gang shouts, etc.). Is it outstanding? No, but the band’s naïve exuberance will win anyone over, especially fans of the genre.

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